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Into The Wild | Dallas Family Photographer

We tell our littles to "dream big" and "you can be anything you want to be". When I was in high school taking black and white film photography courses, I wanted to be a national geographic photographer. My dad had a stack of National Geographic's from the 70s that was probably as high as I was tall at the time (which isn't saying much). I loved the imagery, I loved the thought of the adventure that it took to get those images. He also had an old manual Canon 35 mm film camera where I first learned how to control exposure and create those beautiful blurry backgrounds. Fast forward through high school, college, and a decade behind a desk. Now, I am ready to start my dream...though altered slightly. I was in the middle of very satisfying, productive, and fruitful career that actually helped save lives and a switch flipped. For some reason I thought, why not now start a new journey into photography? With 2 littles of my own, why not just step out there and take that big risk? I can actually think of 100 reasons why not to do this now. I think of them daily. I hope that I can show my littles that dreaming big is not in vain. That they can choose the life they have and they can live with less and love life more. I'm hoping that I'll learn those same lessons. I've already learned that photographing children isn't much different than the animals in The National Geographic!

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