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A BLUE Family Session {Dallas Family photographer}

Though Lexi Meadows Photography mainly serves the Dallas area, I hail from Houston and occasionally do family and baby photography sessions for my friends and family in H-town. I was home for spring break a couple of weeks ago and I had the opportunity to photograph some close family friends and man...Houston IS green compared to Dallas (at least it was in mid-March)! Not only was the green a nice treat, I was honored to photograph this police officer's family as they serve their city and community so selflessly. This family was a great reminder of why I do family photography. I was given a front row seat to their fun and playful family dynamics and I was able to capture that collective family personality through my lens.

Dallas Family Photography, Lexi Meadows Photography

sibling pictures, lexi Meadows Photography

dallas Family Photography, lexi Meadows Photography

Dallas family Photography, Lexi meadows Photography

Dallas Family photography, Lexi Meadows photography

Dallas Family photography, lexi Meadows Photography

Dallas Family Photographer, Lexi Meadows Photography

dallas Family Photographer, lexi Meadows Photography

Dallas family Photographer, Lexi meadows Photography, mommy and me

Dallas Family photographer, Lexi Meadows photography, Mommy and me

dallas Family Photographer, Lexi Meadows photography, father and son pictures

Dallas child Photographer, Lexi Meadows Photography

Dallas ChildPhotographer, lexi Meadows Photography, sibling pictures

Dallas family photographer, lexi meadows Photography, sibling and child photography

dallas child Photographer, Lexi meadows Photography

Dallas Family photographers, lexi Meadows photography, sibling photos

Dallas Family Photographers, Lexi Meadows Photography

dallas family photographers, lexi meadows Photography

Dallas family Photographer, lexi Meadows Photography

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