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Soft baby touches {Dallas Newborn Photographer}

Soft, organic, natural, simple. This is the photography style I aim for in my lifestyle and studio newborn sessions to accent baby and her newness. I never want the surroundings, props, or clothing used to trump the newborn. That's why you will see her little hands sticking out of the swaddle, shots were the baby is caught in motion rather than a perfected still pose, simple headbands or no hats or headbands at all! I start the baby in a pose and then let her do her thing so that you can remember the way her little smirk looks, how she stretched one are really high after her diaper was changed, how she burrowed her little head into your chest, and how she looked up at you with those sleepy half opened eyes. These are the memories to keep and to cherish and Lexi Meadows Photography helps you preserve those memories for a lifetime! Check out how this little baby's movement was incorporated into her poses to capture expressions that are just hers :)

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