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A Giggly Family Photography Session

What better time to take family photos than when baby #3 is on his way?! This photography session had all of the warm family feels with laughter, snuggles, and lots and lots of play. My favorite captures are of Mom with her littles while Dad is making them laugh. Dad may not be in the actual image, but he basically made those giggle shots a reality! I always love it when there is someone standing over my shoulder bringing out those authentic laughs and giggles that make the photo so much more captivating and memorable. Sometimes it's a participant in the session and sometimes is a passing dog on a walk or fire sirens wizzing by that get the little ones to perk up and start that interactive experience. Another little trick of mine is to have mom and dad tickle the kiddos either blatantly or just behind their backs where the camera doesn't see it.

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