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Hello Houston, Texas!

12 years ago, I was fresh out of college, in my 20's and starting an exciting career as a bio-medical engineer! Little did I know that I would meet my amazing hubby by way of a seminary class, start a family, buy a house, change careers, and make life-long friends. After our second daughter was born, we decided with lots of FAITH for me to resign from my engineering job (now as a software development manager) to make more space for the family. Out of that decision, Lexi Meadows Photography was birthed as a plunged myself into following a life long dream. The dream started over 20 years ago when I thought I would become a National Geographic photographer, travel the world, and photograph nature and animals. Lexi Meadows Photography is just a side step from that dream because photographing babies and toddlers can be quite like a wildlife expedition! Each session is wildly unique when trying to get a 2 year old to make eye contact with a camera. I took my Polaroid skills to the next level by embarking on a film photography class in 11th grade with my Dad's manual 35mm Canon and learned the ins and out of dark room editing. Digital photography has come along way since then and I look forward to sharing with you the photo aesthetic that LxMP offers for newborn photography, baby milestone pictures, and memorable family photos. I'm excited for this new family adventure and can't wait to meet new friends and connect with old ones here in Houston, Texas! I wanted to share some images of my littles helping me make a "moving to Houston" promo image for IG! Want to know where I got these adorable dresses from? Drop me a message and I'll let you know :) Check them out below:


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