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Wardrobe Planning for Family Photos

I know how it starts out, you are super excited that you have booked your family photo session or newborn photos and start pinning a bunch of adorable families to your "Family Photo Session" pinterest board. Next, you go to your closet, or better yet your kids' closets and realize that you don't have clothes like you see in those perfect pinterest pictures. You. Are. Not. Alone! But, wardrobe is an important element to achieving those light and airy photos year round, so it's important to give it thought and maybe shop a little. Yeah yeah!! You are investing in your photo session, so plan to invest a little in your wardrobe as well! It will be worth it! What you choose to wear is probably the most important element to your photo shoot.

LxMP offers a client wardrobe for Moms, babies, and young children and I wanted to share what I look for to get the perfect photography look!

1. Choose a neutral color palette. For a family, I like to choose either a grey neutral or brown/tan neutral to build off of. Add in a soft sage green, blush pink, or grey-blue for a touch of color if desired!

outfits for family photo session

2. Pick Mom's dress. Yes, I recommend in most cases that Mom considers wearing a dress or skirt that is either maxi or midi length. These lengths are flattering and allow the wind to create soft movement in your final photos. Keep in mind that dressing for photos is not the same as dressing for work or grocery shopping. LxMP will pose you in flattering ways and set you up with your family members to help hide your self-conscious spots or keep a maxi dress looking slimming!

3. Avoid distracting and clashing prints. If Dad's thing is Hawaiian shirts, kindly ask him to refrain :) If Dad is wearing plaid, don't put baby boy in stripes. Instead choose a neutral crew neck, henley, or button down for Dad to wear! Notice in the image below, that Mom has a simple print planned, but no other members of the family have prints. Instead, the little girl's outfit plays off of the colors in Mom's dress.

style board for family photography

4. Add in a fun element that pops! Even though our kiddos don't normally wear bonnets these days, it sure makes for adorable photos!

Houston Family Photographer

Family Photography in Houston, Texas

5. Choose comfortable, yet fashionable shoes. Often times, we are in outdoor fields for family photos and stilettos just stick into the ground. We like to incorporate play into our photographs for the most authentic emotions and recommend wearing flat or wedged shoes for Moms. Your kiddo's shoes will most likely show the most in photos since they will be held for some pictures, so make sure they are free of mud, tears, and holes.

Here's an additional tip...for free. In Houston we have some hot and humid weather, even into the fall! Bring a towel to dab faces with to keep looking fresh for your entire session!

Lexi Meadows Photography is a Houston based family and newborn photographer. We are happy to help you style your session and have some wadrobe options for you to choose from as well! Set-up a phone consult today to start the planning process!


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